Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pulak Biswas


I must have started looking at Pulak Biswas' pictures when I was three. Mahagiri , one of the books illustrated by Pulak Biswas was my favourite when I was a kid. More so it was dad's and mom's most loved book. So I kept listening to the story and looking at the pictures. Pulak Biswas continues to be one of my favourite children's book illustrators. He captures subtle emotions through simple strokes and expressive gestures. I love the way he delineates forms. His forms abstract the essence of the characters and bring alive the inner strengths of every character. There is fun and beauty, silence and conversation, excitement and wonder in all his illustrations.

Check out some of his illustrations from an award winning book - Tiger on a tree http://www.tarabooks.com/tiger_awards.html


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