Thursday, February 09, 2006

Russian Books - Yevgeny Charusin and Nikita Charusin

Copyright Raduga Publishers 1984

Russian books have fed my imagination and brought many new perspectives to my visuals. Russian books were available in plenty and I used to wait for each new book when I was a child. The Russian illustrations were more like paintings, some were like tapestries, and some were quick bold strokes creating forms out of nothingness. The folk tales especially brought alive strange worlds and strong and unusual characters. I love Yevgeny Charusin and Nikita Charusin's "My Animal Book" Yevgeny Charusin has penned down the text and Nikita, his son has illustrated. Lightfooted elephants, rhinocerous, smiling hippopotamus, lovely sparrows and many other animals, and birds fill the book. The illustrations evoke great affection for the beings of the earth. The book is published by Raduga publishers. " Not a twig cracks, not a leaf stirs, when the wild elephant steps into the open from the jungle thickets..." I love the poetry of the lines.


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