Saturday, April 28, 2007

catching up

Seems like it has been a long long time, since I visited my own blog. The arts in education.... that's what I am trying to understand, unravel, explore, and discover this year at Harvard. I was wondering what it might mean to just forget about this whole world of artists, art makers and all the rest of it, then just pick up a crayon/ box of paint imagining those days as kids when something colourful and glittery used to excite us and go ahead and experiment. I think as adults we get too disciplined in our disciplines to think beyond those boxes, to just wonder and share the excitement of being alive and having all those million opportunities around us.

Today is a sunny bright day at cambridge and that's enough reason to awaken to the nuances, depth, brightness and multiplicity of colours around me..... And I am working on a science based art project.... and I can tell you I have been excited, wondering and going crazy about the things I seemed to have missed out on in biology.... How the hell does a tiny cell become a human being?